Sinnott Award Recipients

Our Sinnott Award Recipients

Made possible by the generosity of numerous donors to the Edmund Sinnott Arboretum Collections Training Fund, the Sinnott Award provides support for scholars in the botanical sciences to conduct research that utilizes the living collection of the Arnold Arboretum.


Margaret Kosmala Margaret Kosmala is a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University. In a close collaboration with David Basler (Sargent Award), high-resolution multispectral photographs and localized temperatures of the Arboretum over time will be gathered using an unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) and temperature loggers. With this data, they will examine the relationship between plant phenology (the timing of life events) and genetic adaptation in response to local topography and temperature.
Jessica Savage Expanding on her research as a Putnam Fellow, Jessica Savage,  an assistant professor at the University of Minnesota, will visit the Arboretum with her students to examine the relationship between the re-activation of water transport in the spring and plant phenology or life events such as flowering or leaf out.


Callin Switzer Kalmia has a unique method of pollen release in which the pollen is catapulted out of the anthers when a pollinator lands on the flowers. Callin Switzer, a graduate student in the Hopkins Lab, will examine this unique pollination method using high-speed videography.