Roses: A Care Manual

by Larissa Glasser, Library Assistant
February 22, 2010

Roses: A Care Manual

have you read this?

Roses: A Care Manual
by Amanda Beales

While it may be true “A rose is a rose is a rose,” roses come in all sorts of colors, perfumes, shapes, and sizes, for every taste and nearly every possible situation. In fact, choosing which variety to plant is almost as intimidating as growing these fragrant but temperamental beauties. The easily accessible information here takes the guesswork out of selecting, planting, tending, and propagating roses. Nearly 200 varieties are classified by their predominant characteristics–modern climbers, hybrid musks–and then analyzed with respect to their appearance, habits, and suitability to your own garden. Techniques needed to keep a rose in good shape and suggestions for specific garden conditions will aid the inveterate rose grower yet ensure that even the newcomer can grow roses with confidence, while the hundreds of sumptuous color photographs guarantee this book a prized place in the library of rose lovers everywhere.

Roses: A Care Manual was included in our list of New Books Available in the Library, February 22, 2010.

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