Smoketree Continus coggygria, Brno Czechoslovakia, 1905

by Larissa Glasser, Library Assistant
July 3, 2018

Smoketree Brno Czechoslovakia, 1905

Smoketree Continus coggygria, Brno Czechoslovakia, 1905

Smoketree, Czechoslovakia, 1905

Smoketree Continus coggygria, Czechoslovakia, (Brno). In the Augarten at Brno (Brünn), Moravia. [Information from label on verso of photo mount.] 12 x 17 cm. Gelatin silver process.

Smoketree Continus coggygria

Photograph by Franz Urbanek
Augarten (now Lužánky), Brno, Czech Republic (fmr. Czechoslovakia)

According to Kim E. Tripp “Considering Cotinus” in Arnoldia 54(2), 1994:

“The American smoketree (sometimes known as chittamwood) is arboreal, reaching twenty to thirty-five feet in height. It is generally larger and coarser in character than Cotinus coggygria, and its flowers are more modest. Its leaves are obovate in outline and can be ten to twelve inches in length. While the leaves emerge from the buds a rich burgundy, they soon change to green. Their fall colors, which cover a spectrum that includes brilliant oranges, scarlets, purples, and russets, are among the most spectacular of all woody plants. As the mostly multitrunked trees mature, the bark develops an interesting fishscale texture.”

At the Arboretum, most smoketree specimens are located at the summit of Bussey Hill.

The smoketree Continus coggygria is our Tree of the Month for July 2018.

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