Dove tree, copper etching by Bobbi Angell

by Larissa Glasser, Library Assistant
July 17, 2018

Sugar Maple, illustration by Bobbi Angell

Dove tree, copper etching by Bobbi Angell

Dove tree, illustration by Bobbi Angell

Copper engraving.

Dove tree

by Bobbi Angell

Bobbi Angell, along with watercolor artist Beverly Duncan, is part of this month’s exhibit “Impressions of Woody Plants: Disjunction, Two Artists, and the Arnold Arboretum“, located in the Lecture Hall of The Hunnewell Building, 125 Arborway.

Bobbi Angell has been drawing plants since 1978, illustrating floras, monographs, and new species for botanists at The New York Botanical Garden, Harvard University, and Smithsonian Institution. Angell’s copper plate etchings reflect her interest in fine detail, allowing her a satisfying and natural extension of her compositional style. She is attracted to unusual, cultivated specimens due to her long history working with botanists and horticulturalists. Her subjects, all Asian natives, several of which were introduced into cultivation by the Arboretum, represent the remarkable history of plant collecting around the world. All her works in this show can be found in the collections of the Arboretum.

Please visit us soon to view Bobbi and Beverly’s beautiful works, the exhibit runs until Sunday, July 22, 2018.

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