Volunteer for TreeVersity

We’re happy to report that as of 3/11/2019, TreeVersity has reached 100% completion! Thanks to the efforts of 2,501 volunteers, our project data set now includes 227,861 classifications of 9,826 images from the Arboretum’s plant image database (ArbPIX).

Using project data, we’ll assign new morphological and phenological tags to images in our database, improving its search function and providing better access for scientists, educators, and plant-lovers around the world.

Beyond classifications, volunteers contributed to over 2,870 individual discussion on our Talk boards, ranging from discussions on prickles to fancy florets, and many other botany-related topics!

TreeVersity data analysis is available here.

Raw classification data can be downloaded here.

Finally, a big THANKS to our volunteers and moderators, who helped us reach completion and provided their insights, observations, stories and wit along the way! We couldn’t have done it without you!