Volunteer for TreeVersity

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An online citizen science initiative

Interested in learning about plant science and exploring a visual catalog of the Arboretum’s Living Collections?

Participate in TreeVersity, the Arboretum’s newest online citizen science initiative, and help to classify over 25,000 historic and contemporary plant images. Your efforts will contribute to the Arboretum’s Plant Image Database and help us bring this valuable digital archive to classrooms around the world!

Using the Zooniverse citizen science platform, TreeVersity volunteers will classify images from the Arboretum’s Plant Image Database by identifying plant parts and other features. Each volunteer classification adds valuable metadata to this ever-growing database, improving its search function and allowing better access for scientists, educators, and plant-lovers.

Responsibilities and Time Commitment

Work at your own pace! The TreeVersity project website provides all the training necessary to get started with classifying images. TreeVersity team member will offer guidance and support to help volunteers build their plant knowledge and classify with confidence. Once you’re comfortable identifying plant features, you can participate in the project whenever you have time to contribute.

Required Skills and Interests

  • Access to a personal computer with an internet connection
  • Basic familiarity with plant biology
  • Interest in learning more about plant science, morphology, and phenology
  • Desire to classify a variety of botanical images (and see some amazing photography!)

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