Event Calendar

Event Calendar

Our events calendar lists upcoming activities for Tree Spotters and the general public. Find descriptions of our activities below. You can register for upcoming training sessions and Botany Blasts on the Arboretum’s Monthly Calendar.

For concerns about inclement weather during any of our Tree Spotters events, text or call Suzanne Mrozak at 857-321-2825.

Upcoming Events


Spotting Together with a Focus on Hamamelis virginiana (combined Spotting Together
and Focus Tree Gathering)
Sunday, November 4, 1:00 – 2:30 PM. Meet at the Hunnewell Building. We will walk the
new Shrub Route and stop at the first Hamamelis virginiana (#10 on the route) for about 20
minutes to talk about its fascinating lifecycle.

Event Descriptions

New Tree Spotters training sessions

  • Provide a foundation for new volunteers to observe phenophases and collect data.
  • Offered through spring and once in fall.
  • 2½ hours with an optional 30-minute outdoor component, weather permitting.
  • Registration required

Refresher training sessions

  • Offered in spring to previously-trained Tree Spotters.
  • Provide a review of concepts and program updates.
  • Registration required

Focus Tree Gatherings

  • Meet monthly at one of our trees. (Approximately 30-45 minutes.)
  • Tree Spotter team members talk about the tree’s life cycle and share some fun facts.
  • Record observations.
  • March through November.
  • Open to trained Tree Spotters and the general public

Spotting Together

  • Monthly walks led by one or more of the Tree Spotters Team members. (Approximately 1 hr.)
  • Visit specific trees that are of particular interest at the time.
  • Record observations.
  • March through November.
  • Open to Trained Tree Spotters

Botany Blasts

  • Guest lectures on a range of botany, phenology and ecology-related topics. (Approximately 1 hr.)
  • December through February.
  • Open to trained Tree Spotters and the general public