Reasons to admire stinging insects (from afar)

by Brendan Keegan, Landscape Crew Gardener
September 3, 2019

Foraging frenzy

by Jonathan Damery, Editor of Arnoldia
July 1, 2019

Bumblebee behavior

by Faye Rosin, Director of Research Facilitation
September 23, 2016

Bumblebee behavior

Callin Switzer

Some flowers release pollen out of small pores in the anthers. Bumblebees (Bombus impatiens Cresson) coax this pollen out by vibrating their bodies (buzz pollination or sonication). In research published in Apidologie, Callin Switzer and colleagues observed bumblebees in the urban environment of the Arboretum, the rural environment of the Concord Field Station and in the greenhouse. They found that they alter their sonication behavior depending on which plants they visit and the environmental conditions. abstract »

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What’s Bugging You?

by Nancy Rose
April 12, 2016