Great Wild Gardens: The Story of the Arboretum’s Woodlands

by Matthew Caulkins, Web Applications Program Manager
June 3, 2020

Absorbing nature and finding inner peace through ‘Forest Bathing’ at the Arnold Arboretum

by Chris Citorik for WBUR
October 17, 2019

The forest at Wai Dongkong

by Cam Webb
March 11, 2014


by Cam Webb
March 10, 2014


Some of snakes we’ve seen!

Before getting on to the business of forest tree composition, a brief zoological interlude. This site seems to have more snakes than anywhere else I’ve been to in Indonesia. If Waigeo was “bird-land,” this is “snake-land!” Admittedly, the snakes I’ve seen here have not been very big. However, a small snake can still give a […]

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