Tree Architecture Primer

by Ana Maria Caballero, Nature Education Specialist
January 10, 2018

silver maple drawing

Tree Architecture Primer

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Despite the bitter cold on Saturday, January 6, the Arboretum for Educators program “Examining Tree Architecture” went ahead (almost) as planned. Andrew Gapinsky, Manager of Horticulture, used photographs to show attending educators the many factors behind a tree’s shape, and why it looks the way it does. Teachers also experimented with documenting tree shape through sketching techniques, culminating in a discussion about different ways they might use science or nature journals with their students to enhance life science learning.

See some of the participants’ journal entries with their corresponding trees in the photo gallery.

“The best part about today is that you didn’t cancel!”  – Mary Smoyer, K and Gr. 2 volunteer educator, Trotter School, Boston, MA.
“I love it – I’m pretty sure I can work in some engineering problems for my students to solve based on tree architecture.” – Thea Cox, K-5 after school science program specialist, Lexington Public Schools., MA.

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