Tree Mob™! Arbor Day Planting

April 24, 2017

Magnolia acuminata D Schissler

Tree Mob™! Arbor Day Planting

The Arnold Arboretum’s Campaign for the Living Collections sets forth an ambitious ten-year plan to expand the breadth of plant holdings and increase their scientific and horticultural value. Magnolia acuminata (Acc# 334-2011*A), one of the roughly 400 taxa targeted for addition to the collections in this campaign, is native to eastern North America. Grown in our greenhouse from seed and pampered through various stages of growth, this cucumbertree will now be sited in its permanent home in the Arnold Arboretum’s living collections. Join Horticulturist Greg La Plume and Horticultural Technologist Conor Guidarelli on Arbor Day to celebrate this addition to the Arboretum landscape and learn how to properly plant a tree. Meet in front of the Hunnewell Building at 2:00pm on Friday, April 28.

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