Tree Mob™! Resin or Not? Plant Exudate

by Pam Thompson, Manager of Adult Education
December 22, 2016

Santiago-Blay Smithsonian Mag

Tree Mob™! Resin or Not? Plant Exudate

Thursday, January 5, 3:45pm in Hunnewell Building

Many plants, especially trees, ooze exudates (the gooey stuff, for example, dripping down the trunk of a white pine). Plant exudates include numerous organic products such as resins, gums, and kinos. Smithsonian paleobiologist Jorge Santiago-Blay will be collecting samples from the Arnold Arboretum to add to his project to spectrometrically survey the plant exudates of the world. Find out why plants ooze and what that substance can reveal about ancient environments in Earth’s history. Meet in the Hunnewell Building Lecture Hall on Thursday, January 5 at 3:45pm to learn more. If the weather is pleasant, plan for some time outdoors.

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