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The Arboretum’s new mobile app, Expeditions, tells the story of 150 years of Arboretum history. Learn about plants, hear stories from Arboretum staff, and view year-round photos of the landscape. The app is free and available in English, Spanish, and Simplified Chinese/Mandarin.

flowers and leaves

Featured Plants & Areas of Interest

July is here and with it some of our favorite flowering woody plants. The bright gold panicles of Koelreuteria paniculata (golden raintree) light up Meadow Road as well as share the spotlight with the filigreed pink flowers of Albizia julibrissin (silk or mimosa tree) on the slope after the Hunnewell Building. Just opposite the Hunewell, is Magnolia virginiana ‘Milton’ (cultivar of sweetbay magnolia), which is native and a late bloomer. Its blooms, like that of the Stewartia pseudocamillia (Japanese stewartia) just down the road, do not appear all at once, but sporadically through July. Look at other stewartia species on Bussey Hill along Chinese Path in the Explorers Garden. Many hydrangea are also peaking just now, one of note is Hydrangea quercifolia (oakleaf hydrangea) with its large oak-like leaves and oversize, lush white flower panicles.

Guided Tours

As part of our coronavirus (COVID-19) response, all tours have been canceled through the summer. You can take a tour and explore on your own through our new Expeditions App.

fluffy flowers

Tree of the Month

July’s Tree of the Month is the Asian smoketree (Cotinus coggygria). Smoketrees are attractive and attract attention for months, due to the delicate filaments that surround the tiny black seeds. The filaments appear in large puffs that do look amazingly like smoke. The Arboretum holds both the Asian species (C. coggygria) and our native species (C. obovatus), along with a number of beautiful cultivars. You can find more images on the Arboretum’s Plant Image Search. Or, if you are visiting, use your phone and search on ArbExplorer to locate the 25 smoketrees that are part of our living collections.


Visitor Center

As part of our coronavirus (COVID-19) response, the Visitor Center (located in the Hunnewell Building) is closed through the summer.

Classes & Lectures

As part of our coronavirus (COVID-19) response, classes and lecture are canceled or postponed through the summer. See our calendar for upcoming online opportunities and any updates on programming.

view of stump and fungus

Art at the Arboretum

Inspired by Nature: Five Printmakers at the Arnold Arboretum

Bandes, Goldberg, Maisel, McGregor-Radin, Smalley
Through July 19, 2020

As part of our coronavirus (COVID-19) response, the Hunnewell Building is closed, and the art exhibition is not available to view in person.

Sketching trips to the Arnold Arboretum solidified for five printmakers what they already had in common, the many ways that nature and plant life informs their art. Although their media covers a wide range of print techniques, and each artist has a unique approach to their art, all are attracted to the natural world, often trees. From white line woodcut to monotype, a keen sensibility of botanical life emerges that is portrayed through the eye and craft of these artists.

The five, Arlene Bandes, Lynda Goldberg, Mary Beth Maisel, Amy McGregor-Radin, and Gayle Smalley, have been meeting monthly for more than 10 years to discuss works in progress. They critique, support, and challenge each other to explore beyond the limits of their art. Ideas, sketches, and current prints are shared. There is a commonality that emerges in the art exhibited in this show of homing into the essence of nature.

Each artist is an active member of the Nature Printing Society, an international association of artists whose philosophy is based on respect for nature as demonstrated through the art of the print. Members have exhibited in numerous galleries and museums including Attleboro Art Museum, The Art Complex Museum (Duxbury), The Boston Athenaeum, and the Fuller Museum of Art (now Fuller Craft Museum), among others. Maisel and Goldberg contributed chapters to The Art of Printing from Nature, published by the Nature Printing Society. Goldberg and Bandes are instructors in the Greater Boston area.