Weddings, Memorial Services and other Group Activities

Weddings, Memorial Services,
and other Group Activities

The general public is free to conduct small wedding ceremonies, other group activities, or have their wedding photographs taken on the Arboretum grounds. ALL EVENTS ARE LIMITED TO 40 PEOPLE, and we do not reserve or schedule specific locations.

We do appreciate being informed about event plans. Please call 617.384.5209 or email to inform us of the date, time, and intended location of your ceremony as well as a contact person and phone number.

The Arnold Arboretum offers a unique, beautiful, and safe environment. Please help us keep it that way. There is no fee for group events but donations are welcome. Donations may be made by check made out to the Arnold Arboretum or by cash in person in the Hunnewell Visitor Center.

Memorial services: The policy of the Boston Parks Department, which reflects the General Laws of Massachusetts, is that the spreading of ashes is not allowed in the parks. Since the Arboretum is a public park of the City of Boston, we must comply with their regulations.

In addition to the general rules, the following restrictions apply to group events, ceremonies, and photography:

  • Vehicles are not allowed within the Arboretum gates or anywhere on the grounds; guests must walk to the ceremony; vehicles must be parked outside the Arboretum gates.
  • Food and drink are not allowed on the Arboretum grounds, nor can the Arboretum provide indoor facilities; wedding receptions must be held elsewhere.
  • Any trash generated must be removed prior to your departure.
  • Furniture is not allowed on the Arboretum grounds.
  • No event or directional signs are allowed. We suggest that you specify the exact location in the invitations and place an attendant at the nearest gate to guide your guests. Download a map.
  • The ceremony must have no impact on the Arboretum grounds or plants.
  • Areas cannot be roped off, and other visitors to the Arboretum cannot be prevented from entering the area of the ceremony.